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Assorted band related pictures, in no particular order whatsoever. These are only small, i fully intend to sort this section properly soon as I get some time!

Exeter Cavern Club, 2014

Home practice session

With Dokkalfur (PGI), Exeter Cavern Club

Enblackened 2010, for Empyreal Destroyer.

Home practice session

With Abgott (Session gig)

My original Pearl World Series kit

My Rural Studio / Shed!

Studio Side View

Studio Overhead Shot (we hired a massive crane!)

Studio By Night

Studio Live Room

Primitive Graven Image @ Chesham Festival 2007

Empyreal Destroyer Promo Shot Jan 2008

Backstage @ Wembley Stadium for Metallica with Lars Ulrich (Metallica, but you know that right?) and Lauren Reading (2007). Dont normally do the 'get my photo with stars' thing, but figured Lars might need the promotion :)

Empyreal Destroyer Aug '08 at The Metal Farm.

Empyreal Destroyer Aug '08

Empyreal Destroyer Aug '08

PGI Photoshoot

PGI Photoshoot

PGI Photoshoot

Interlock promo shot by John Tyrell

Promo shot by John Tyrell

Promo shot by Alex Delfanne

Wendy X and Jaz Coleman (taken by me) - backstage at Killing Joke @ Rock City April 2006

Wendy X and Geordie Walker (taken by me) - backstage at Killing Joke @ Rock City April 2006

Playing with Interlock, Jubilee Hall Amersham, 2006

Interlock Line Up 2004

Interlock Line Up 2005

Interlock Line Up 2006

Nightnurse Live, 1998

Nightnurse Studio, 1998

Nightnurse Live, 1998

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