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A selection of bands I have played with + assorted press

"These island boys talents are accentuated in every song and they know how to keep the listener satisfied with their sound which breathes a fresh breath of life into their genre." - Schwermetall (Austria)

"This is the kind of metal you just put on and go nuts upon, no getting into required as it hits you everywhere you try to hide." - FYU (Belgium)

"Describing the genius found throughout the Chaos Torrent EP would be impossible. Imagine the most technical, depressive, and progressive guitarists you've ever heard. Now throw them all in a blender with sprinkles of Dark Tranquility's drummer, and Attila Csihar for some extra spice, and you might possibly come close to matching the sound found on this short EP. In face the only points that I can honestly deduct from this group of incredible musicians is the fact that the EP is so damn short. When one puts this much effort into writing a piece of music this complex though it is bound to take long lengths of time to produce them. One can't even call most of these guitar pieces solos because most of the album not only features them over immense sections which one can barely make out as they flow with the music so well, but the most intense parts are steaming hot from speed and crystal fucking clear in productions. Absolutely amazing." - Heathen Harvest (USA)

"The British black metal scene is finally starting to flourish thanks to bands like Primitive graven Image who've been kicking ass and taking names for some time now. Stylish, contemporary and passionate.. Melancholic melodies rain upon guitars that slash the ears amidst a shower of pristine double kicks and blast beats." - 7/10 - Powerplay

"Primitive Graven Image construct extremely catchy raw black metal" - The Metal Observer

A new classic from the black metal underground, you must bow down and worship primitive graven image!" - SOD Magazine (USA)

"Who knows what kind of unhinged behaviour will go down... but WE COULD LISTEN TO THIS THING ALL NIGHT" - 8/10 - Decibel (USA)

"Demonstrating an attuned ear for hooky riffs and arrangements" - Terrorizer (UK/International)

"By all means avoid Celebrating Impending Chaos if you don't like skilfull aggressive metal, massive riffs or songs that actually stay in your head after they have ended.. an almighty collision of styles and influences, all unified by the brooding spirit of black metal" - Zero Tolerance (interview/article), April 2010.

"KKKKK - Big Drums, Strident Riffs, Haunting Vocals, Sparse Atmospherics and twisted slabs of drawn out noise.. frighetingly close to being single of the week!" - Kerrang!, 1998

"An unstable firework of a band... edgy, off kilter and off the wall, Nightnurse are actually a little bit frightening" - Kerrang!, 1999

"Catch em now before you have to pay £20 for the privilege" - NME 1997.

"Duff notes and 'melody' stagger around like baby foals on buckfast.. Its fantastic!" - Melody Maker 1998.


Industrial/Metal band I played with from 2002-2006 inc. Crisis//Reinvention album and Skinless EP.

I have also played with a number of other bands way too numerous to mention, but including Avoidance Of Doubt (guitar for live dates, 2007), Shellshock (guitarist featured in 'Kev' video), Salem Orchid (pre-Akercocke line up for several years - various live dates and recordings in the early '90s.), Abgott live dates/tours and 'Master Of Illusions' album 2014. I once jammed with a young incarnation of Porcupine Tree circa the 'On The Sunday of Life' album, and amongst a multitude of others have also played bass, keyboards and clarinet

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