I've been a full stack web developer, software engineer and programmer since 1998, with humble beginnings writing games on a ZX81 in 1983. Initially specialising in bespoke e-commmerce and content management systems based on my own platform, later in banking and web security, I've gained Team leader, Project manager and CTO experience.

I'm currently based between Gerrards Cross, nr. London UK and Silicon Valley, California as a senior software and devops engineer for global cyber security leaders Symantec (now a part of Broadcom), a job I love.

Alongside all the standard web development work, gained through years contracting for agencies alongside my own projects (some of which have two decades of development behind them now), I've been involved in a number of interesting projects beyond basic web development including writing frameworks from scratch, written PHP language extensions in C, and I've written my own templating language and parser too for both PHP and Perl.

Since 2016 I have been involved with devops using Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, CI/CD etc.

My Javascript Pacman game from 1999 is still here (although it seems to only run properly on Mac these days, to be looked at..): Javascript Pacman - (updated 2016 - desktop/laptop only, not for mobile devices).

Occasionally this gets updates, the last being 2019 when I added an algorithm to generate random mazes (which still needs a little debugging).
Some notes I once wrote on this are here.

My musician's / studio / music industry site (years out of date) is now here.

My main web site is undergoing re-construction at the moment. You can find me on the other end of my first and last name at gmail dot com.

Some pages from my last site may stay such as this one detailing my career history
and the perl cgi quick start guide which I occaasionally still refer to as accessing perl data structures can get quite ridiculous despite being better than php;)

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a great day :)

mattplatts at gmail dot com